Classic, skating or biathlon...

The meeting point is in Pelvoux at the Vallouise cross-country ski chalet or at the 1800m esf.
Classic is perfect for beginners, but if you're sporty, you can learn skating which requires a little more balance!
1 to 2 people Remainder of the season11/02 to 11/03/2024
1 hour50€55€
6 hours276€300€
3 to 5 people
1 hour69€77€
6 hours384€416€
6 to 10 people 
1 hour79€85€
6 hours436€474€

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Do I need a cross-country ski pass? 
For beginners, there is an initiation loop in Vallouise which is free to access, otherwise you have to buy a Nordic-pass from Nordic in Vallouise.