Offering limited group allows a fatser improvement. The instructor can better adapt to the needs of each child in the group, which is the best way to learn and master new technics!

Those groups limited to 6 children (+ or -1 person) are only available at Puy Saint Vincent  1600 during February French school holidays.
  • Wearing a helmet is higly recommended.  
  • Your child must have a valid ski pass on him. 
  • Test and medal presentation on the last day.

Maximum 6 per group 1rst star to Bronze star

PUY SAINT VINCENT 1600                                                                                                      9.02 to 6.03.2020
Afternoon from Sunday to Friday                                                                          2:15-4:15

Prices- MAXIMUM 6 PER GROUP Our prices inlcude the medal

6 x 2hrs lesson *190.00€